MissionDriven365 (MD365) is a consulting, app building, tour development and project management service that helps museums, libraries and nonprofit organizations develop a digital strategies, identify the best digital platforms to engage audiences, and create experiences that are truly meaningful.

Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

The challenge facing many museums today is how to stay relevant in a culture that values efficiency, technology, and instant gratification.  How do museums respond to the 21st century audience while continuing to capture their imagination and wonder?  Is there a way to engage tech savvy audiences while still respecting traditional ones?  

Engaging Audiences in Meaningful Ways

Technology both within the museum and through the web can create opportunities to engage with audiences in ways they could have only dreamed of 10 or 20 years ago.  Now, collections can be explored online, students can communicate with curators while seated in their classrooms and Smartphone Applications (Apps) offer visitors a ‘deep dive’ accessing information not easily captured in wall labels.  Advances in technology protects precious artifacts while offering opportunities to give audiences access to them through 3D printing, and virtual reality (VR).

MissionDriven365 can help with that!

Helping Museums, Libraries and Nonprofit Organizations develop compelling content and strategies to engage audiences.


Develop engaging content for apps, tours, and partner with 3rd party companies to deliver new and dynamic experiences for audiences.


Hire a Digital Engagement Manager for large and small digital initiatives.


Establish that your digital initiatives are having an impact and meeting your goals.     


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